Project: Building a Resilient IoT Service

Investment in the Internet of Things continues to grow as businesses become increasingly reliant on IoT platforms and applications to deliver better operational outcomes and customer experience. IoT architectures need to be built with security front and centre of the design discussion.


Our client is in the process of repositioning its IoT platform and business model to meet future customer requirements which are being driven by an increasing focus on data privacy, sovereignty, and the fast-evolving requirement for processing data at the edge. The challenge for our client was to establish what are the data security investment priorities at the device, edge, cloud platform, and application level, and what does best-practice look like? 


WA ran a competitive benchmarking exercise to assess where peers and partners are prioritising investment, and to provide deep insight into security architectures and processes. The WA team focused on evaluating how device trust is achieved, how edge services can be delivered securely, and how data is protected in the cloud. The evaluation considered protection of data at-rest, in-transit, and in-use, and back-up and disaster recovery business models to ensure high availability. WA evaluated a significant amount of open-source technical documentation and consulted widely with our networks to gain perspectives on how different IoT platform vendors secure their IoT service solution.


WA was able to deliver a comprehensive technical report that provided our client with both insight and guidance on where to focus security investment. This included a set of recommended priorities for addressing data localisation and sovereignty requirements, how to onboard and review 3rd party application developers on the platform, a guide to industry best practice by security technology, and an evaluation of what the industry baseline security requirements are. The insights generated new perspectives on how our client should approach IoT platform cybersecurity and enabled them to align internally on what are the key product and business model investment priorities.


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