Project: Analysis of High Throughput Security Screening Market

Understanding Security Screening Requirements in Public Spaces


A global screening and detection company needed to better understand the market opportunity in high throughput free flow screening detection solutions that could detect threats including weapons and person borne IEDs in public spaces. Specifically they were interested in understanding the level of interested and potential appetite to invest in a solution that would protect people in public venues and mass transport hubs.


The company engaged WA to deliver an analysis of 8 countries to understand the potential appetite for a new high throughput screening solution. To achieve this WA completed comprehensive secondary research to Assess government and security stakeholder requirements, the regulatory environment in each country and existing technologies that were already deployed. In addition, WA conducted targeted interviews with key stakeholders and end user customers to gain feedback on the market need and potential investment in such solutions. 


The project delivered a comprehensive analysis of the high throughput free flow screening market that considered the CONOPS (Concept of Operations), requirement, threat posture and a competitive analysis.

The company was able to use the information to inform their go to market decision and justify their decisions of their R&D strategy, M&A activity in the space.


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