Project: Global Cybersecurity Market Analysis

Prioritising global investment decisions requires a granular view of market expenditure across technology and customer segments


The Global cybersecurity market is complex and continually evolving. Our client was tasked with building an investment business case for the next 5 years. This required them to understand the market size and growth of cybersecurity expenditure in every country so they could plan and prioritise investment in growing markets. This data has to be segmented by different cybersecurity technologies, geographies and vertical markets. 


WA utilised our different proprietary data sets including our cybersecurity market trackers which includes companies (2500+), countries (192), vertical markets (18), and technologies (60+).

WA analysed existing data and developed a model customised to our clients business requirement and internal market segmentation (12 technology clusters) to provide market expenditure and forecast data at a granular level.


The project allowed our client to interrogate segment level market expenditure with the WA team. They were able to run different scenarios and build rankings of the largest cyber markets by technology, geography and vertical market. This enabled out client to build the business case, clearly justify the priority markets, and ultimately gain executive buy-in to the resulting 5 year investment plan.

1.1 Million

Data Points


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Maintain an extensive repository of security industry data including information on security companies, technologies, vertical markets, regions and countries. WA’s collection methods coupled with industry expertise, ensures a comprehensive and reliable dataset.

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