Project: Official UK Security Export Statistics

Calcuating and delivering Official UK Security Export Statistics for UK Government on Annual Basis


Every year the Department for Business and Trade Defence and Security Exports (DSE) release UK Security Export Statistics to monitor and track the performance of UK Security companies in the global security market. To achieve this DSE required support to develop a robust and transparent methodology to calculate the export statistics.

DSE required data on the performance of UK security exports by technology, region and vertical market to enable them to assess the performance of the UK security industrial base and provide vital information on which sectors and technologies are performing well and driving exports, and which need greater support.


In April 2022 the Department for Business and Trade Defence and Security Exports (DSE) engaged WA to calculate UK Security Export Statistics for 2021 - 2023. To achieve this WA conducted a thorough analysis of the UK security industry export performance through developing a structured database of physical and cyber security companies registered in the UK. This would provide the cornerstone and evidence of security export performance. This included data collection, input, analysis of security company information. In addition, WA launched an industry wide survey and engaged with over 120 Uk based security companies to discuss their export performance and challenges they faced.


WA delivered the full Uk Security Export dataset to DBT DSE that included an accompanying document that summarised the key findings. These were published as Official Government Statistics and can be found here:

The project provided benchmarks on the UK’s performance against global market demand and the security export performance of other countries. It delivered insights into future requirements, and helped to inform DSE to better understand the customer requirements around the world and what they plan to buy in the future. It has allowed DSE to tailor their support to enable the UK security industry to prioritize their offerings to countries that have specific security requirements


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